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Robin Williams Admitted to Demonic Possession

Creepy Noises in Mine - Go to 7.40

Residents shocked by Square Cloud in UK

Alien ET Talks to the President (fiction with a wonderful message)


See Obama Shapeshift

Dozens of Human-Animal Hybrids created
"But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."



Bones of 30' Giant in Romania

The Fallen Angels Taught Women to Wear Makeup

Mysterious Animal ate entire 9' Great White Shark (Giant squid?)

Planet X - Nibiru - Hercolobus: Excellent Summary

Oprah an Alien? She has 6 toes

We are on AmericanLoons Blogspot! We are in some great company - Jon Rappoport, Ron Paul, Alex Jones & Shirley Maclaine, and many other great ones.(Pity he didn't notice we did not interview the reptilian Lacerta. We only commented on the interview).

African Fairy Circles

Aerospace Worker - "I Installed Chemtrail Devices"

3 Year Old Remembers Past Life, Identifies Murderer and Locates Body

Sinkholes Hugely on the Increase - See Graph

Proof of Brimstone Destroying Sodom & Gomorrah

Best Ghost Pictures

British woman says she was Abducted by Reptilians

River in Switzerland turns Blood Red

Please Pray for this Brave Saudi Princess Standing up to Brutality

People Turn off Streetlights with their Bodies

Massive Explosion Rocks Leeds. Explosions heard 10 mies away

Occult Leeds

Pope Frances Worships Lucifer Easter 2014 (link corrected)
Listen Close, You can hear Illuminazi, Illuminati, Luchifer, King Lucifer.

Eyewitnesses Confirm Pope Frances Raped & Killed Children

Blood Moons Coming
Amazing Synchronicity of the Dates of the 4 Blood Moons - Signs of What is to Come

Cows with Guns
Since the Dracos et. al consider us as cattle, this is appropriate.

Beam Hits the Sun. Images are Removed.

Wernicke's Commands against Remembering
Do you have them?

Live Chupacabra caught in Texas? Pics

Evidence For Satyr- Hybrids- Shocking Video! 

Pray for French Farmer threatened with Jail unless he uses Pesticides

Booby Traps

Do You have these? Hidden Mind Control Commands Given to People which are Designed to Kill them Should they Remember What was Done to Them.

Plans released for free energy machine! Please viralize this.

Evidence of Civilizations before Adam & Eve

Sunken Sphinx found in the Bahamas

Mohammed was a Catholic Cardinal

How the Vatican Created Islam

Dark Angels In Disguise: You Must Wake Up Now, or Be Enslaved! Have You Been Deceived Already?

Article that the avove video refers to

Clusters of People Vanish in Thin Air in National Parks - up to 30 at a time! But the Cops don't keep a record of Missing Persons!

"God will not be Mocked". House Stenographer tells her story

Russia, Israel, and the Battle Between Aliens (Note: "Tall Whites" are the "Good cops" of good cop/bad cop)

Dr. Roger Leir (Alien Scalpel) passes on

Russia - Largest Carved Blocks of Stone ever Found - 3,000 Tons!

Steve Quayle for Up-to-Date news you won't see elsewhere

What is this in the Pond?

Al Roker in a Mind Control trance? after the word "Holy Ghost"

Russia Invades Crimea to own the World's Oldest Pyramid

Original Article

Bilderberg AllStar Awards

US Preparing to Announce that Aliens are Real

Maps of Atlantis

Bikers meet Reptilian Humanoid in the Desert

Elected UK Official: The Alien Agenda - What they don't want you to know (It's terrible that this guy won't fight them. He has obviously been programmed by the mantoids to let them do whatever they want to him.).

Watch a Car Teleport / Drive through Walls

Revelation of the Pyramids - Amazing Documenary

List of Murdered Bankers

Demon on Hospital Security Camera - Patient Dies within Hours

Earth Expansion Theory - See the Model

Yes, the Earth is Expanding - Lecture by Geologist

International Lawyer Michael Shrimpton says the Rothschilds are Cathars (in 'Response to Comments')

NASA find 1.7 Million Year old Man-Madre Bridge

HD vid of Shapeshifter Eyes

Watch Justin Bieber's eyes - They change at 0.09

Google Chrome can listen to your Conversations

Massive Object Landed in Moon Crater the size of Downtown Chicago (photos

NASA's Top Nanotechnologist Dies at 39 Year old

"Extraordinary Crisis" needed to Preserve the "New World Order" says an Think Tank

Massive Sinkhole - 200' x 90' Deep - No Water in Sight

FORBES - Iran & Snowden say the USA is Run by Tall White Aliens

Washington Post was the first to Post this Story, followed by other Lamestream Media

FORBES - Iran & Snowden say the USA is Run by Tall White Aliens (1/14/14)

EUCACH.ORG director submits law banning HAARP to EU committee interviewing Snowden, is subjected to unlawful arrest and attempted psychiatric commitment

Drop and Take Cover when you see a Bright Flash from a Meteor

Red 'Dust' (in Rain replicates without DNA. Contains Uranium.

Satanists Want a 7' Statue of Baphomet at State Capitol

The Caucasian Mummies of China

Sound can Kill: The most important Scene in Dune was Removed from the Sequel

Was Mandela's Funeral a Cover for the Crowning of Marduk?

Alert: Canary Islands - Possible Tsunami for East Coast & Europe Pack, Prepare & Fuel up

Mega Tsunami - Canary Islands Threat

More Info.

Deliverance Procedure by Bill Schnoebelen

Powerful Testimonial of Healing Physical Pain with Deliverance

"The son of the Creator comes" and Orion is on the bottom of Pyramids Worldwide.

China Shows Strange Picture of Mushroom Cloud over Europe -
And a War Between Humans and Serpents

They Give out FREE cell phones so they can tell people which Ship to Get on
When the Venezuelan government starts giving out free cellphones to everyone, even homeless people, (and Obama has already done it), you KNOW there is more to this than they are telling us.

Then we realized the reason - when earth changes start and the ships land, they want to be able to quickly contact everyone no matter where they are, and tell them where to go to get on a ship.They want to do this VERY QUICKLY before people have time to think and research that this is a very BAD idea. The TV Series "V" lets you know what I mean. They only want you to:

- Eat you
- Steal your DNA and hormones
- Satanic sacrifice
- To torture for entertainment

Much better to stay on earth and face the music.

Chef regularly puts fingers in Boiling Oil with no Pain or Blisters

Photos prove that the Obamas, Bushes and Clintons are all Buddies

Mandela Memorial Deaf Interpreter was Totally Fake

Mandela Supposedly 'Died' During his own Premier

The Mother of All Conspiraces:
# Mandela Died in June
# Obama Gave a Speech
# 91 World Leaders are Meeting in South Africa to meet Aliens
# Prince William is Head of ObamaCare

Giant Object (Planet?Ship?) with Ison (which is still Alive) Dec 6

Is This Hercolubus, the Planet-Comet?

What is this?
Go to Google Maps
Search on this number:
Click the green arrow, and click "Street view"
Look up 2 times and go left 2 times
And spot something in the sky...(You might have to give your computer time to load it fully)

Shapeshifter's "Crying Function" Malfunctions

What is this? (Sun on right, Giant sphere on left)

Ison is Not a Comet? This vid gives an indication as to why it does not act like one.

Is Ison Hercolobus, the Planet- Comet?

Comet Ison: Distance to the Earth

The French Revolution: Not What You were Told

Increased Allergies. From Space Dust from Comet Ison?
(My Apologies for the low-frequency language of some of the people on this forum).

Evidence of Spaceships Around Earth

Good Collection of Reptilian pics

What Species is this Skull? Note: The source of this photo is most surprising.

9 BILLION Earth-Like Planets in the Milky Way Galaxy

Friendly Aliens Barter Pancakes for Water

Stay away from Disneyland

Operation Mickey Mouse

Disney is Evil

Creepy Disney Cruise

10 Things Children have Said about Past Lives

80% of Humanity may have Implants that can Control them Remotely

Aliens Exist on Earth & Want to Wipe Us Out (10/31/13)
The movie "The Arrival" was a documentary

Underground Reptilian City: LA Times

NSA used Uri Geller as a Pychic Spy

Tutankhamen's brooch linked to a Comet Exploding on Earth

Secret Sex Life of the Jews

The Titanic Never Sunk
It was an Insurance Scam with another ship

This man woke up one day able to see the unseen...angels, spirits, demons, etc.

Halloween: Unmasking Hell Night

Secret Russian Book on Alien Races
Be skeptical as you read this - aliens lie (especially about their biggest lie that they created humans).

Exopolitics Website posts our Letter

Illuminati Cards
- the full collection.Particularly note:
1. Backlash
2. Miracle Diet Plan
3. Fast Food Chains
4. Ketchup is a Vegetable

Hear Stephanie Relfe on TALK WITH VINCE
talk about Aliens &
"You're Not Fat, You're Toxic". (Scroll down)

Open Letter to the Military,
Regarding Defeating the Alien Presence

CNN Anchor mentions Alien Invasion & Asteroid Doom

New Anchors Shocked when Presented with 911 Truth

Urgent! Plan to kill most Americans with Nanotechnology that is already in them in case of an Uprising: Get a Hulda Clark Zapper (Instructions in "The Cure for All Diseases or buy from ebay).

3,000' long "Number 9" found on Ocean Floor

Roddy Piper confirms what we have said for years! The movie "They Live" is a documentary!

Female Bigfoot Lived among Russians - had 4 Children to Human Men

The Transhumanism Agenda: Why you must Boycott All Wireless
Your life and the future of mankind depends on it.

Hear a Fabulous Interview of Bill Schnoebelen: Fallen Angels, Illuminati, Masons

Proof that Dinosaurs walked with People

Ex-Illuminati Member speaks out: Carolyn Hamlett

Hear Stephanie Relfe on TALK WITH VINCE
talk about Aliens &"You're Not Fat, You're Toxic".
(Scroll down)

Snowden: Gift Horse or MK Ultra Trojan Horse?

Clear Shapeshifting in Syria - Watch the Man on the Right

Get $45 from Pepsi in Class Action Lawsuit

Alien parasites in Washington


"My daughter has just died. I am holding her hand. She just had her 11th birthday and she was number 11 to die since the transmitter for Wi-fi was put near her and others’ desk.....”

Some Native Americans were Giants

The Romans were Nanotechnology Pioneers.

Comet Ison Looks More like a Spaceship - Amazing Vid

See this Book Cover - published 1991 !

Massive Number of Photos Showing Masons Rule the Government

Jews are Not Israelites. They are Khazars -


Hear ex-vampire Bill Schnoebelen Talk about seeing a Fallen Angel Change into a Reptilian Part 2

Government Subliminals: "Obey the Gov't"- and more, in 1960s National Anthem. "They Live" is real

Article about this vid

Chinese Alignment with hostile alien force brings Pacific War threat

Cattle Mutilations in Missouri

The Little Man who Rules All Presidents
The Most Important Political News You will Ever read. Read on to see what the Whitehouse Insider says about the Clintons.

Obama: The Most Important Story you will ever Read about Obama
He is animated by a Being that needed Gregorian Chants to make it enter his body.

The Alien Agenda: Why Our Leaders Don't Act Like Humans

Fox TV: Aliens are Real - Astronaut says Government have been involved with Aliens for 60 Years

Apologies: The Snowden story was to a satire website.

US. Navy Prepares for Disclosure: Catherine Austin Fitts says she was Offered the Chance to Meet an Alien by the Government

Nibiru / Two Suns Video

Pink Floyd Lyrics "Two Suns in the Sunset"

The Hidden Messages of Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut

Did Obama, Clinton & Bush Meet an Alien Ruler in Africa?


Excellent Video Evidence of Shapeshifters

Huge Object Next to the Sun (see in max def., and size)

Unknown Histories of the Illuminati

Real History of Freemasonry

Morgellons Exposed
Photos that will stun you

Intelligent Oil: Connecting the Falkland Wars - Aliens - BP - Death of Scientists - Prometheus Movie - Oil in the XFiles

Vid on the Intelligent Oil

Ex-CIA Deathbed Confession: Eisenhower was going to Attack Area 51

Dead Scientists Do Tell Tales

4 Min. News on Earth & Sun Changes, each day

Prince William has a GLOWING Mark on his Forehead.

Strange Discovery in the Desert

More Weird Mutations occurring all over the world

Reptilian? Hybrid? Controlling Steven Greer? See the guy on the left.

Annunaki - The Movie TPTB prevented from being released

Fox News: May 20-June 6 2013, Heightened Solar Activity means more chance of Earthquakes & Tsunami in Atlantic

Blue Kachina, seen from Canada?

NBC: Stock on canned goods before May 31, 2013

Michael Moore on Maher's show - IT is coming (5/20/13)
On the latest episode of Bill Maher's overtime, they were having a discussion about Bradley Manning. To quote Michael directly, "This is disgraceful and historians a hundred years from now, if we're still here... Pffft after the...." then he points to the sky.

At this point Bill interjects forcefully saying, "NO!". Michael immediately stops talking and stares down at his feet.

Here's a discussion about this clip. Sorry about the very rude language.

Giant Tracks on the Ocean Floor

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure: Ex-Air Force Lt. Colonel sees Aliens in a UFO

Satanists Control nearly Everywhere through Blackmail

Former Minister of Defence, Canada:
1) At least 4 Species of Aliens visit Earth
2 )
2 ETs are Working with the U.S. Government
Note: He mentions the Tall Whites. They are evil, and linked in with Mormonism

NASA cuts the Vid Stream After UFOs Appear

Best Books on Aliens, Mind Control etc.

Princess Diana on the royal family: "They are Lizards"

We Highly Recommend this Book: Earth's Earliest Ages

Alex Jones says Tom Cruise's "Oblivion" is an Anti-Illuminati Film (Note: This clip of Jones is not suitable for children)

Hear the anti-abduction prayers read aloud
We did not make this video, and don't know who it is who is talking, but we were advised of this link, and thought you might like to know of it.

Boston Commissioner tells the Truth by Mistake!

Never forget "Wag the Dog"

Is this a real photo of a gray alien?

Did 12 Americans travel to an Alien World and back again 1965-78?

The Sirius Documentary It's great that they are telling us about aliens. Pity they don't mention that most of the aliens on earth are very evil, as well as rude (they don't visit during office hours, and they don't pay for what they take).

Horrible photos of Morgellon Nanotechnology Fibers

Stunning Video of a BLINKING, ILLUMINATED Morgellon's Particle, Pulled from Chin. Please pray to God to end Morgellon's Disease & Chemtrails now!

Man stated that God told him to leave the USA, and he did, April 2013.

Prince William, the Supernatural Prince

Creepy GE Commercial - The Matrix - Connecting people to machines.
So, the guy who thinks humanity is a foul stinking virus approves of the new hospital software?
(Also note: The man appears to be the same age as in the original movie). (4/14/13)

Genius Eric Dollard - Tesla #2

Biography of Genius Eric Dollard: MUST READ

Katt Williams: "We are Against the Illuminati to our Own Detriment"

Documentary to Unveil Real Body of an Alien

Scientists Don't Realise Yet that Night Terrors & Sleep Paralysis are REAL. They are caused by Aliens & Demons, which are Real. Note: Aliens work with demons, but they are not demons.

Women in India Fight Back - Literally

Pics of The Red Brigade

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev confirms that Aliens are Real
And among us in large numbers.

Men's Y Sex Chromosome has gone from 1,700 to just 45 genes! Women's X is down from 2,000 to 1,000.

Feedback from Metatech.org readers who have used our DVD Training system.

Obama Uses Alien Bodyguards.
See it shapeshift. And why does it move from side to side?

Boston Paper: US Government may Steal 30% of Private Bank Accounts!

Ron Wyatt proves that the Bible is real
See proof of the Ark, Dead Sea Crossing, Sodom & Gomorrah, Mt Sinai & Ark of the Covenant.
Must See!

Brilliant Documentary on Geoengineering & Methane Dangers

Genius Eric Dollard - Tesla #2
The sun does not burn. It's a transformer from another dimension.

Jesus Steps out of the Flames and Saves a Satanist doing a Ritual (2/27/13)

The Royal Family are Illegitimate

New Zealand Legally Does not Exist (scroll down)

Satan in the Vatican: Hear Bill Schnoebelen (ex-Catholic Priest)

Anthony Robbins - Illuminati

Jodie Foster - Illuminati

Former Pentagon Consultant: President Eisenhower met with Aliens 3 times Just like Phil Schneider said.

No Wonder Cats Hiss at Pics of Justin Bieber! (Vid 1, Vid 2) Hear the words of his Songs when Played Backwards

Mummified Alien found in Egypt

If space ships land out in the open, remember the scene in "V" where the Visitors (aliens) have a massive freezer full of human bodies to eat, and do not go aboard.

David Icke: How Reality is Being Manipulated by the Elite

They are Breeding Manimals and Humanzees

Earth is Growing: Vid

Fallen Angels Taught Men to Cook Food & Eat Meat
Thus destroying our Lifespan (11/29/12)

"The Terminator" is coming. Computer Chips that Learn by Experience

Do you have a Website? Please become one of our affiliates

Fun with Reptoids

Demonic? Reptilian? Politician

Ann Romney is a Shapeshifter

UFOs of Nazi Germany

Alien Base Entrance

How Tavistock changed the Way You Think

Giant Footprint (4') in South Africa

Evidence of Giants - Nephilim

TimeTravel: Man disappears in 1876. Reappears in 1950.

SuperWave of Energy coming from Center of Galaxy to Make the Sun Bigger, so it becomes a RED GIANT 12/23/12 Warning: In this vid, the ETs told the guy that Pine Gap, Australia, is the safe place to run to. That means, the reptilians want home-delivery!

SuperWave will Affect the Whole Galaxy

Plato & Earth Changes - 1

Plato & Earth Changes - 2

Never before seen footage of wierdness within the mormon temple!!

Massive Wave of Energy coming from Center of Galaxy to Make the Sun Bigger, so it becomes a RED GIANT 12/23/12 (posted 10/20/12)

FOX NEWS: Hacker into US Military Saw Names of Extraterrestrial Officers (10/17/12)

Cop Reports Alien Abductions, MIB, Gets Fired (10/15/12)

Seven States in mid USA to blow up?

Massive Radiation levels in SD, VA, WA, WI, other states (25 is normal, 100 is bad, 500 is very bad)

Do You have Unique Problems that no one can solve? Solve Your Special Issues with the Unique Life Coaching Program of Stephanie Relfe

"I was a Paid Shill" for GLP, LOP, CNN News, Yahoo news etc.

Obama gives Robes to the Pope for a Skeleton in the Vatican

Veterans Today: UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco

The Sun is Bigger & Closer than We Think (see 9th paragraph)

Romney's Favorite Novel is Our Second Favorite Novel (After the Lensman series): Battlefield Earth! Scariest novel we ever read (the last third of the book, that is, which was not in the movie)!

Animal Deaths reported regularly

What on earth is this on an NBC Commercial?

The Ethiopian Book of Enoch: End of Days, Shapeshifters and Fallen Angels (8/6/12)

People who have Seen Shapeshifters

Gentleman's Guide to Shills

ABC News Special on MK Ultra Mind Control program

Aurora Incident - WellAware1:
Just like the movie "Wag the Dog". We think some of these are real claims (especially for the less well-known people), and some are not. You decide. Muscle test to help you know the truth.

Weird Mutations occurring all over the world.

Animal Deaths

Sasquatch / Bigfoot footage (7/6/12)

Best Bigfoot websiteTodd wants to protect, rather than hunt, them.

Tom Cruise divorces 3 wives, all when they are 33 years old

USA Today:
80 Million Americans are Certain UFOs Exist

There are 30 Hotspots in USA Parks where Hundreds of Children Vanish.
Yet NO 'MISSING PERSONS' list is maintained

The sun is zooming through Space at 5.4 billion miles a year (6/25/12)
The Universe is a Dual Torus

Giant Crystal Pyramid Discovered in the Bermuda Triangle

Crop Circles

WellAware1: Are Some Politicians really Actors?
We think some of these are real (especially the less well-known ones), and some are not. You decide. Muscle test to help you know the truth.

Turtles Fossilzed while Mating

Map of Strange Sounds around the Great Lakes

The Sun is Moving through space 12% slower due to 'space fluff'

March 2012. Jupiter-sized planet Siphons energy from the Sun?

Top 10 Most Sinister Military & Space Org Badges

Mirage: City appears from Nowhere! (We think they are testing technology).

Are Obama, Michelle and the girls, cloned from Egyptian Mummies?

Deadly Time Vortex appears over Antartica

Explosion in Antartica

Two Russians find body of an Alien in the Snow
I'm a qualified Make-up Artist and currently training to be an Embalmer. I've never seen anything like this before and I know a good thing or two about specia
l effects. I also spend time with dead bodies and I can tell you that the discolouration of the skin and the the way the eyes and head are sunken is very life like. When humans die they start decaying from the stomach area, very much like this Alien. If this is a fake the creator must be a genius.- Abbey, England,

Bones found of a 25' Tall Giant

Related video

Another video on giants

Prophetic Dream: Darkness is Coming

The Expanding Earth Theory: Amazing Vid. (Note: There's an error. The platypus is a monotreme, not a marsupial).

What is This ? Watch whole video.

LaRouch: "Existence of Humanity is being Challenged by a Development in our Galaxy... Millions will Die" (Long Version)

U.S. Moves to Identify and Kill "Children of God" (those with evolving DNA)
(Note: Can't trust everything from this site, but this feels partly real. Although they already know who most of them are - they are the ones they abduct for psychic soldiers).

Is 'the grid' breaking down? Are reptilians starting to show themselves? Amazing videos So far FOUR reporters and/ or famous people have broken down into gibberish speech on camera. (3/30/11)

Scientists confirms our suspicions Increased Solar Activity Causes "Vortex of Death" - Mass Insanity, anger, wars, you name it. (To comment on this article, go here).

Very creepy, bizarre Alec Baldwin ad.

How to Learn Kinesiology & Muscle Testing in 3 Days - with a group of people

Giant Angel: "The Grain fields are Whitening"

White Powder Gold destroys DNA & Psychic Abilities long term

FEMA Mind Control: Aliens will "Save us" when the Earthquakes come (2/19/11)

Ex China Official Says ETs live among us (1/31/11)

Amazing Chemtrail pics. See INSIDE the planes.

$5,000 a Plate Dinner with Blair, CEO of Boeing etc. Told ETs are Real

See Chart from the Dinner

Ancient Spaceship orbiting Saturn?
Related to balls found on earth that are 2.8 M. years old?

Stories of Shapeshifters (Post Yours)

'Hell's Half Acre' - Volcano and Reptilians in Arkansas?


Why so many Alien Movies for 2011? (12/29/10)

Chinese Ghost Towns. Room for 65 MILLION people. Are they for when the aliens arrive? Or is it just that they believe in Ancestor worship?

Dream of Angels: "Everything is about to change. Are you ready?"

Time Traveller in movie? We don't think so. Because who is she/he talking TO? The cell towers didn't travel in time. We think this is an example of the Illuminati having advanced technology for themselves, years before we get it. (11/7/10)

Time Traveller in 1940 Museum Photo? We think so.

Why Abductees are Usually Poor (11/3/10)

Denver Airport: Murals tell us what the Aliens, Reptilians & Freemasons planned for us. Please join the fight to prevent this.

Horrid: The Jesuit Extreme Blood Oath

Queen Elizabeth News that's Not in the News

Mayan Calendar Doom Cancelled?

The Great Pyramid was Built from Concrete from MARS

RECOMMENDED: The Civilization Kit. All the amazing technology on the Rex Research website. Just $13

Excellent Articles by Bill Schnoebelen

We have at least 28 Chakras

Did a Lazer Take out the BP Oil 'Deepwater Horizon'?

Pic! Scroll to second photo - Is that not a lazer burn?

2012 Changes to the Sun & Earth (Great images)

U.N. Appoints "First Contact" Human to Greet the Aliens. Creepy. Interesting - Her name is M.Othman

Analysis of Alien Skull

Danger: Updates On BP Oil Volcano Catastrophe at www.Relfe.com

What was this Weather Anomaly?

A Drug That Causes Hatred and Violence against Other Races

Danger: Updates On BP Oil Volcano Catastrophe at www.Relfe.com

Why Gulf of Land Masses Must Arise
The Real Reason Behind the BP Oil Catastrophe

Analysis of Alien Skull

Quiet Sun Warns of Deadly Cold & Snow Ahead

By using infrared photography, scientists were shocked to learn that we are NOT PART of the Milky Way Galaxy!

We are part of the “Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy” which is being gobbled up by the Milky way galaxy.This means that “we can expect changes on almost every level of energy".

LongWalkers = Nephilim

There were N E P H I L L I M
in the earth in those days (Genesis 6:4). The correct translation in the Hebrew is [Strong's ref. 5303) nephiyl - nef-eel; prop. a feller, i.e. a bully or tyrant: - giant]. Its proper use in the plural for this word is NEPHILLIM (giants).

Giant 'human' skeletons found in Saudi Arabia

Major Archaelogical Cover-Ups

Discovery Channel: Reptilians Exposed

Important Video on HAARP & Earthquakes

Homeless Disappearing

Black Parents - White Baby: Genetic Miracle

Egyptian King Tut was Caucasian (Irish?)

We find the latest report from "Half Past Human", #6 June 21 2010 to be interesting. This is how they try to forecast the future.

BEWARE: The latest reports are very, very grim material. Maybe the scariest thing you will ever read. Hear Jeff Rense talk about an earlier report #4 dated March 12, 2010 .

The latest report is #6 and it's only $10. (Used to be $200)


National Security Secrecy - Morgellon's Disease

Truth Behind Oil Volcano- They Hit Abiotic Oil, which is at unbelievable pressures. Thread at GLP (sorry about their bad language).
More info here.


Prophetic Dream:
New Madrid Fault Earthquake

Prophetic Dream:
400 mph winds

Prophetic Dream: "Be Concerned Only with Pleasing God. Your Time is Near"

Aliens may have an unmanned earth probe and be trying to contact us. Was Sending an Unmanned Probe telling about Earth the Dumbest thing 'they' ever did? Read "Battlefield Earth" by Hubbard to learn. (Forget the movie).

Courageous Professor Speaks Publically about Mind Control

Are the People Winning? CFR produces a PR ad!

Dr Greer is Charging Money for seminars on how to be an "Ambassador to the Universe", in preparation for when evil aliens come out of the closet.

Good Video of the New World Order: 10 Minutes of the 9 Hour Interview of Bill Schnoebelen

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, the great-grand-daughter of President Ike, refused an invitation to join a Mars colony! Confirmation of Laura's relationship to Eisenhower: this is Laura's mother.

Interview with a Reptilian named Lacerta

With commentary by Michael & Stephanie Relfe (3/12/10)

Phil Schneider: The Most Important Video You Will Ever Watch? (3/11/10)

Parliament of Owls meets in USA near New Madrid Fault. A warning?

Heavy Metals in Rainwater from Chemtrails And what to do about it (2/17/10)

D.U.M.B.S. - Deep Underground Military Bases

Interesting Article on Obama Not Disclosing Alien Presence on Earth. Scroll down to Story #1

WORLD FIRST - MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL CONFERENCE. Was to be Feb 13 & 14, 2010 in Boston. Was to Feature Duncan O'Finian. Not surprisingly - they have had to cancel.

JESSE VENTURA - (Former Governor) - CONSPIRACY THEORY - Featuring Duncan O'Finian.

AMAZING TV SHOW! The Remake of V!!! (We think it has no encryption) Available until Dec 20 online. Learn how earth has been invaded by two-faced reptilians who disguise themselves as humans, some even being terrorists, and foment fights among humans, and put dangerous substances into flu vaccines. So close to the truth.Why was the Producer of this excellent program DEMOTED? Why did they show only four episodes (there will be no more until spring 2010) when 14M. people watched the first night? We have yet to be told that the reptilians eat people. Guess the reptilians got really mad at this one. If you watch it , have no fear. Always remember, God is in charge.

Fox compares it to Obama. Why do Obama and associates get mad at it?

We have made the DVD Training Series, "Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing" available for 8 monthly payments of $51. (8/19/09)

Prophetic Vision of the USA (not good) (6/17/09)

An Ice Age is Starting Now. Even if it's just a "Little Ice Age" that will be bad enough. See these two articles:
Ice Age In Europe
BBC Little Ice Age in Scotland

National Academy of Sciences reports: World Catastrophe Coming

Note from Stephanie Relfe:

Always remember that it's important if we are to win this war, to not focus on negativity. We have to get educated about what's going on, but not stay with the bad news forever. The closer we get to God and do what He wants, the better. Remember, Jesus Christ was a warrior as well as someone who taught us to love strangers. What kind of courage did it take to throw the money changers (bankers) out of the temple?

Meditation and love are important. But action is also required. Each of us has a special part to play in this war of good against evil. Improving ourselves is part of that fight.

God knows what you should be doing, every minute of every day, if we are to win. All you have to do is ask him constantly what you should be doing, and do it. The answers will be given to you in your heart and through your intuition.

Pray like the lives of all of us depend on it, because they do.

Why 2015 May be the Real Date, Not 2012 To the Cathedrals have the Truth Locked in Stone? 3/5/09

2012: Sunspot Cycle 24 peaking around 2012 could be one of the strongest in centuries. 3/5/09

Wood on Mars! Leaked NASA Photo. (And it looks like cut timber to us) 12/27/08

GOOD NEWS! "Behold, the Dragon's Breath" What 2012 might mean. Wonderful vision & summary. 12/7/08

California to Vanish? The Terrifying Vision of Joe Brandt 11/21/08

Jesuits Sunk the Titanic To Create the Federal Reserve Bank 10/8/08

More on Jesuits here

$700 Billion Given to Area 51 Stargate Commander to control! An unknown 35 Year old Engineer, Neel Kashkari, has been given control of the $700 Billion! He used to work at Area 51 and also on Stargates in Iraq.

And is it just a coincidence that he looks like the mummy in the movie "The Mummy"? Even weirder, there was an earlier report that 20 U.S. Soldiers committed 'mass suicide' after helping with the Stargate in Iraq and ended up looking like '5,000 year old mummies'!!!! 10/7/08

Egyptians in Australia
More here

Thor Heyerdahl Expeditions: The Ocean is a CONVEYOR, not an ISOLATOR 929/08

Never Before Seen Photos of Hurricane Ike 925/08

THE NEXT ICE AGE IS STARTING NOW. Ice ages occur in cycles, every 350 ('little ice age'), 1,440, 11,500 and 100,000 years. And they are ALL due now!!!! They can happen within 1-3 years!

One inch of rain = 10 inches of snow. There are now storms dumping 20 inches of rain. That’s 17 FEET of snow. You can’t walk in that. People will be buried alive. In 2007 a place in Colorado got 20 feet of snow in one storm!!!!

Sep 2008 the sun has had NO SUN SPOTS for a month, for the first time in 100 years.Move somewhere warm.. (Above: 2008, a NZ Ski resort had snow go over the pole for measuring snow fall).


More info on Ice Ages here.

Amazing Video: Black Triangle Ship TR3. Watch it put up it's shield at the end. 8/9/08

Kinesiology for Victims of Alien & Military Abduction, Mind Control, Ritual Abuse and Those with Metaphysical Abilities 7/1/08

Extended Autobiography of the Webmaster, Stephanie Relfe 5/18/08

How Thoughts Change Reality And Why Reality Shifts Happen 5/18/08

How to Prevent Alien & Military Abductions & Spiritual Attacks 5/18/08

Websites Selling the "Alternative 3" DVD:


Great UFO Video Footage:
1. The Greatest UFO Story Ever Denied
2. Are these spy-bee? Baby ships? Baby sylphs?

Black-Eyed Beings Do Not Let Them In!!!

Sgt Clifford Stone, U.S. Army, Has Helped Catalog 57 Species of Aliens. Video. 5/4/08

George Bush Could Give you Kinesiology & Muscle Testing Training for Free! He is sending out a check for $600 to every person this week. Don't waste it! Use that for something that can benefit you for the rest of your life.

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MetaTech Blog Please drop in and say hi!

Amazing BigDog Robot Terminator, Here We Come? Read this Story that suggests that "Terminator" the movie may one day be a reality. BigDog sure backs this up! 3/18/08

Police Blame Ghosts for Damage 3/15/08

The Kolbrin
A unique book with some descriptions of Earth Changes, by People Who Survived the Flood and 'the Destroyer" Note: This website has the only true translation. Others have been majorly altered. It is NOT a 'bible'. Listen to this amazing lecture on the Kolbrin by James McCanney.
Click on Dec 20 2007

The Branton Files Long before David Icke, there was Branton - The original Freedom Fighter. 2/10/08

No Sun Spots on the Sun!!!!! 1/1/08

Scientific Evidence of Live on Mars: Video 12/20/07

Exploding Comet Indicates that Evil is Now to be Beheaded. 12/16/07

Hot New Social Networking Site

What is That Huge Thing - in the Middle of Greenland? Video 12/3/07

Prayer to Save the World Plus Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Ron Paul. Please join us now.

The Coming North American Union and the Microchip: Video

Just Launched! A New Dating Site for Unique People Like You. Includes Natural Health, Spiritual Interests and other Categories Other Sites Don't Have

David Icke Books. Coming Soon: The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy (& how to end it) (Please note: We do not recommend white powder gold for this reason.).

Ron Paul: A New Hope #2: Video

My Past Lives, by Stephanie Relfe And What the Bible Says About Reincarnation. UPDATED. (9/17/07)

Al Bielek Has NOT Died!!! Original Story: Al Bielek Died at 80 (9/16/07)

Photographic Proof of Constructions on Mars (9/29/07)

Has T he Earth's Axis Tilted? (9/25/07)

Scientists Now Know: We are Not In the Milky Way Galaxy - Yet. (7/28/07)

Vanished Pregnancy (7/15/07)

Been Abducted ? You Need to see this (6/30/07)

Drones - Amazing Photos. Alien Technology Reverse Engineered by the Military (6/27/07)

Car Drives Through Fence During a Police Chase. Fence is undamaged. Video. (6/19/07)

Dutch TV Exposes the Bilderberger plan to Depopulate Earth (6/1/07)

Sathya Sai Baba Water Project - Video Love All, Serve All. Help Ever, Hurt Never.
(Alternative Link) (5/24/07)

Volcanic Activity Has Increased by 500% since 1975 (5/22/07)

Where Did All the Fairies, Elves and Gnomes go? (5/19/07)

Duncan O'Finioan: Mind Controlled to be a Super Soldier
Video Interview
Text of that Interview

Why a WTC Tower Turned to Dust And how that relates to our world before we had Iron, when people could see gnomes and fairies. More info on ACE here. (4/15/07) Disappearing Bees The Cause of Colony Collapse Disorder? (4/15/07) My Past Lives, by Stephanie Relfe And What the Bible Says About Reincarnation (4/9/07)

Climate & Ocean Scientists Given Big Gag Order Any Scientific Statements "of Official Interest" Must be Pre-Approved! Now we really now that Robert Felix is onto something. Read his book NOW! (4/8/07)

Man Crawls Through Time Wormhole and Meets Himself at 70 Years Old and FILMS IT (4/7/07)

Al Bielek Has Turned 80 (Al is a survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment)
Please help in any way you can: Al is still trying to work out how to move to New Mexico. He cannot afford the move and physically cannot do it on his own, or drive himself either, because of age and two recent mini-strokes. He is in a poor condition one bedroom apartment where they charge him an extortionate $600/month. Plus he has stuff in storage in Dallas. If you can help him move, PLEASE PHONE HIM.
His address is - Al Bielek, 3221 Ridgewood Ave, Unit 3, Ft Myers, FL 33416. (239) 334-0038
Will the Coming Magnetic Pole Shift Cause Electricity to STOP!!?
Free Report - Including Magnetic Machines You can Build as an Alternative. Please pass this on. Note - this same scenario was described in "Above Black". (For info on the pole shift we highly recommend the book "Not by Fire, but by Ice") (3/21/07)

BBC Documentary: 70,000 years ago World Population was Reduced to 5,000-10,000 people from a Super Volcano! (3/20/07)

Karla Turner - Abductions Researcher All her books are now FREE online (3/19/07)

World War 3
"The War for Men's Minds", is on Now
Plus: Sector 9 - Our Place in the Galaxy (3/15/07)

Bill Schnoebelen Biography & Timeline Ex Ninety Degree Freemason, Ex Catholic Priest, Ex Satanist, Ex Black Magician, Ex Channeller, Ex Vampire (3/6/07)

UFO Science May be Key to Halting Climate Change - Former Defense Minister for Canada (3/2/07)

The Coming Ice Age - in Our Life Time? How Global Warming is contributing to it. (2/19/07)

Tesla & Marconi Secret City in South America (2/5/07)

Navy Yeoman Sees Photographs of 'Snake-Like', 'Reptilian-like' Entities In Top Secret File: Video (12/1/07)

Physical Attack by Reptilian in Bedroom This is the first time ever this astounding story has been told to the world. (12/30/06)

Channel 5, UK Documentary:
David Icke - Was he Right
Aired Dec 26 2006. It's truly amazing that this was shown on national TV. (12/27/06)

Proof That Aliens Exist - Video (12/10/06)

Radio Interview with Ex-90 Degree Freemason and Ex-Vampire Bill Schnoebelen, by Daniel Ott of The Edge Radio."Fastwalkers" UFO DVD - Review We rate this DVD 2 out of 10, because it does have a few good people on it. However, it's mostly VERY pro "bad guy" alien. (11/25/06)AWESOME VIDEO CLIP UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied. See what NASA Covered Up. Get the DVD! (11/20/06)

The Rape of Europe (11/20/06)

Dan Burisch DVD "Tell The World" Review (11/20/06)Strange Mark Appeared on Woman's Breast (11/18/06)Weird Thing Happened in 2006 Voting Booth (11/17/06)Boy Shoots Alien to Save Pig (11/16/06)Giant Paw Prints in England (11/13/06)Former Ministry of Defense UK Chief: "We Could be Attacked by Aliens at Any Moment" (11/10/06)

The Lost Secrets of Nikola Tesla. FREE VIDEO. Tesla is the Greatest Scientist and Inventor the World has ever known. And yet his name is not mentioned in schools. (11/7/06)

"UFOs & The Occult" and "The Occult Origins of Halloween".
DVD Ordering by Donation to AlienResistance.org
(11/3/06)Satan on Our Dollar Bill (10/29/06)

Former MI6 Agent, Speaks Out Warning: Pray for protection before reading these very disturbing articles, and the one below (10/27/06)

Whistleblower dies on stage at UFO Conference (10/27/06)

Success Stories from Readers who used the Breathing Technique (10/16/06)

Super Volcano! History's Greatest Secret! (9/28/06)

Reptilians Having a Field Day with the Crocodile Hunter (9/28/06)

The Invisible Universe Everyone should have a copy of this huge, gorgeous book. The amazing pictures of galaxies with countless stars should help convince you that (1) there is a God and (2) There is lots of other intelligent life out there. Try also abebooks.com (9/21/06)

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Live Young Bigfoot Captured? Sold for $17 Million? (9/12/06)

Zeccariah Sitchin is a Total Fraud Michael Heiser Ph.D. has 20 years experience translating similar texts. He explains simply how Sitchin can't even tell the difference between Hebrew and Aramaic. There is NO 12th planet called Nibiru in those texts. In fact, they had only 5 planets. See Heiser's website and get this great Heiser DVD. (9/11/06)

Is the Hoax of the Moon Landing Hoax a Hoax? (8/17/06)

"Alternative 3" NASA FOOTAGE: Man on Mars in 1962 (8/14/06)

Moon Landing was a Hoax - See the Video (8/14/06)

NASA has 'Lost' the Tapes of the First Moon Walks!!! (Are internet researchers getting too close to the truth?) Hey - it's easy to lose 700 boxes .... (8/10/06)The Light Behind Masonry One Hour Video of Bill Schnoebelen (8/10/06)

Exposing the Illuminati From Within, Video with Bill Schnoebelen Part 1 Part 2 (8/10/06)

How Your Metaphysical Abilities are being Suppressed (7/31/06)

Radio Interview with Ex-Vampire Bill Schnoebelen Archived At World of the Unexplained Internet Radio under August 2006 (7/26/06)

Teleportation: U.S. Air Force Scientific Paper Chinese children teleport insects and radios in totally repeatable scientific experiments! (7/26/06)

Strong Evidence that HIV-AIDS is man-made to Control Populations (7/17/06)

Our New Shopping cart for Unusual Products. Provides for overseas orders (7/9/06)

Is Aleister Crowley the Grandfather of President George W. Bush? (6/29/06) See our Booth at the Cannes Film Festival in France, 2006 (6/18/06)

Hacker Uncovered US Off-Planet Space Navy (6/18/06)

World of the Unexplained Internet Radio Show (5/6/06)

FINALLY: Is this the Real Reason for Chemtrails? (1/21/06)

WORLD FIRST !!! JUST RELEASED!!! NINE ASTOUNDING HOURS! Produced by Michael Relfe. Interviewed by Stephanie Relfe:

Vampires are Real. Click here (12/16/05)

"Booby Traps" - Do you have these? Hidden mind control commands given to people which are designed to kill them should they remember being abducted or mind controlled. (12/27/05)

Daily Earth Changes Headlines (12/16/05)

Did the Early Middle Ages Really Exist? Astounding but maybe true - Did the Catholic Church add 300 years to our calendar around 600 AD? (12/4/05)

Former Canadian Minister of Defense asks Parliament to hold Hearings about Extraterrestrials (12/4/05)

UFOs in Ancient Artwork (11/9/05)

Hurricane Katrina: Judgement from God? (10/11/05)

Get the above book in additon to the best Home Building Manual Available

Hurricane Rita: Did US Navy Ships Save Houston? (9/25/05)

Rothschild Strikes Back?
Sai Baba - Possible Truth Behind Negative Media Stories (9/17/05) The great New Orleans Land Grab (9/16/05)

WEIRDEST GOOGLE SEARCH EVER! WHO PROGRAMMED THIS? Go to www.google.com and type "failure" in on the bar. Guess who is in the No. One position? (9/15/05)

Criminals were released in New Orleans (9/7/05)

Federal Aid was rejected by the mayor and governor (9/6/05)

Monoatomic Gold Destroys Your DNA (9/205)

Hurricane Katrina - Satanic Sacrifice?
PLUS: Was Katrina a 200 mile wide tornedo? (9/1/05 - updated 9/6/05 ) 'Prophet Yahweh' Summons UFOs on Las Vegas News - Ramon Watkins, also known as "Prophet Yahweh", agreed to meet with a reporter and camera crew of KTNV at a time and location of their choice. What they captured on camera stunned the reporter and crew. Please note: This is included only for interest. We do not support people who call themselves after God, and who say that Jesus will come again in a spaceship. 5/30/05 Another Mind Control Survivor I found these stories at reviews at amazon - Ward Frazier's story adds more evidence to the truth of time travel. (5/20/05)

How to Prevent Alien Abductions (4/19/05)

ATLANTIS RISING: "The Mars Records" is now in a nationally distributed magazine! The Premier advanced science magazine, "Atlantis Rising", has an excellent article by John Kettler "Shipping out to Mars". This is in the Jan/Feb issue #49. It includes photos and information you probably haven't seen elsewhere. (3/1/05)

The U.S.A. is a Non-Profit, RELIGIOUS Corporation 2/26/05

How to Easily Destory Physical Implants 2/17/05

Hypnotism in Russia a Street Crime? 2/5/05 India Withdraws from Meeting due to Intelligence from Remote Viewers 2/5/05

Tibetan Monks see Extraterrestrials saving the Earth in 2012 12/31/04Learn Telepathy 12/12/04

The Fourth Reich In American Hospitals 12/11/04Grand Strategy of the Reptilians 11/28/04Success Stories from Readers who used the Breathing Technique to Attack Reptilians 11/19/04Relationship Troubles may be Caused by Commands Put into the Brain during Abduction 11/16/04The Art of Brainwashing, by Henry Makow Ph.D.
Shows How Americans are following the Textbook "The Soviet Art of Brainwashing". See how it includes the instructions to 'spare no expense in smashing out of existence...any actual healing group such as acupuncture ..., Christian Science, Dianetics and faith healing"11/14/04Alien Corpses Seen Near Wright Patterson Air Force Base 11/8/04

You Must Hear: Radio Interview with William Cooper This radio interview includes crucial information on the present world situation. William Cooper is the author of the classic book "Behold a Pale Horse". He was ex-naval intelligence. He was shot by policemen on 11/5/01. You can purchase other radio interviews from this site. (11/8/04)

Did Bill Clinton Shape Shift on TV? Incredible photo! (11/8/04)

How Prisoners Fund America (11/8/04) End Times Programming (11/8/04) Giant UFO caught on Satellite(11/8/04)

Murder and Attempted Murder of Mars Force members? (10/23/04) Policeman Attacked by Flying Humanoid (10/20/04) October 16 2004

Alien with Bush? PHOTO Plus - Truth in tabloids?: See Hillary with Alien

October 15 2004

Woman was married to Bigfoot for a Year

October 4 2004Boriska - The Boy from Mars Amazing Seven Year Old has incredible information.

Satanism, the Military, Reptilians and Aliens linked by One Person's Life Story

September 27 2004

Creepy hospital stories Drink blood for a fee John Titor, Time Traveller - Exposed It's not what you might think.Mind Control now on the AirSeptember 18 2004Weird beam of light with figure: PHOTO Is this 'beam-me-up-Scotty" from a ship? Sure looks it to me

September 11 2004

Beware the "911 Truth Movement" SPIES, SPOOKS, MONEY: It looks as though 911 AND it's 'exposure' are part of the same plan to push us towards a New World Order that we do not want. Once again, we have "thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis".

September 4 2004

JOIN THE NEW EGROUP:"THE MARS FORCE" The group is for questions and discussions regarding "The Mars Records" and "The Mars Force, Pat's Story". If you have any questions for Pat of the Mars Force or Michael or Stephanie Relfe, this is the place to post them, so that others can share in the information. Pat is a moderator for this group.

September 1 2004

Do we get the truth about hurricanes? The Truth of Hurricane Andrew. One of the most riveting and heart breaking accounts you will ever read. Hurricane Charley: Bodysnatchers

August 29 2004

Colored UFOs - Photos (Click on "pictures")

August 28 2004

An (alien?) implant in the nose

August 23 2004

Amazing Breathing Technique causes Reptilians to Lose Human Form!I would suggest an improvement to the technique would be to ask GOD to fill you with love and to ask to send HIS love through you to them.

August 21 2004

Countdown to World War Three?Albert Pike planned Three World Wars

August 20 2004

The Mars Force: Pat's Story: BOOK TWOBook One showed how Pat's membership in a military cadet program led to Military Abductions and the suppressing of Psychic Abilities. Book Two continues with this research. Two very important discoveries were made:

(1) the discovery that alters can be activated by breath and

(2) evidence that reptilians have a base, or a tunnel leading to a base, under more than 90% of hospitals and some morgues. They use this to gain access to the bodies in the hospital for the purpose of harvesting hormones

What Species is this? Please take our poll. The source of this picture may surprise you. Giants are Real

Ron Hubbard's technology in Plain English
These are the last few copies of these brilliant books in print:
1. Scientology: From Crusade to Rip-Off
2. Scientology: A Handbook For use
3. The Pied Pipers of Heaven
4. From the Bottom to the Top - FREE DOWNLOAD

June 6 2004

Does Chelation Remove Physical Alien Implants? Picture of a Small Humanoid (This feels like leprechaun to us).

Manual for the Mind: 5 Keys to Psychic Abilities This book is by my very psychic sister Catherine Wilkins, who lives in Sydney

March 10 2004

The New Exploding $20 U.S. Bills & Euros Here's the real reason why they explode (I've corrected this link now)

February 15 2004NASA hides evidence of possible life on Mars

Tunnels under Pre-School Satanic Abuse confirmed at PreschoolFebruary 8 2004

The Microchip and the Mark of the Beast A Stronger Reason to Prepare than Earth ChangesJanuary 31 2004Baby Dragon? Baby Draconian? PICTURE!!!!January 14 2004Clear Evidence that NASA is covering up the colors of MarsJanuary 10 2004

Hoagland on "Age of Horus" & End of Days is updated. Page 5 is the latest in this excellent series.

December 26 2003

Paranoia Magazine I highly recommend subscribing to this!

December 19 2003

Ghost of Henry VIII caught on Security Camera? Best picture of a ghost I've ever seen

December 3 2003Mind Control in Army Video Game?November 29 2003

You Decide Whether 'They' Show Up! PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!!!Sort out the Confusion between Cloudbusters, Chembusters, Reich, Don Croft, Trevor Constable and othersAnother Strange Formation on Mars

November 11 2003From Moses to Rosthschild: The connection between "serpent" (reptilian) and "usury)October 3 2003

Do you have Alien Implants in Your Ears? Something strange turned up when I was ear candling ...Reptilians Steal Babies Another similar story has been submitted (see end of article)

June 19 2003Scopolamine, the Drug used often in The Mars Records, turns people into ZombiesJune 15 2003

The War in Iraq is Over Ancient Alien Technology I heard this story first from other reliable sources. In addition, a relative of mine attended a talk, about the reasons for the war in Iraq, given by a noted academic. He said that oil was not the answer - oil companies like stability. He concluded that he could think of no reason for the war. Now you can learn the real reason: Read the research studies by Dr Michael Sala Ph.D. Papers Two, Three, Four

June 9 2003UPDATE to UFO PHOTOS OF THE BED SHEETS! Ignore the photos. This guy is a pretty good scammer - he gets $50 for his rocks!April 5 2004Rods seen clearly on Fox News!April 2 2004Military Exercise in Arkansas USA with Aliens

Frozen Elk on the Road The "God Box" saves Bob Dratch from gettting abducted

March 29 2003Reptilian & Alien Encounters This is a collection of true stories that I have collected over the years.March 28 2003

Does Bush use Doubles for Protection? This article is so amazing, and the fact that it was published in the Washington Post even more amazing, that I saved it. Even though this article is several years old, it's still worth reading. A similar theme is in another article here.Time traveler from 2256 busted for Insider Trading! This article was published by Weekly World News online and picked up by Yahoo. It's interesting that two days later we can no longer find this story on the Weekly World News website!

The Montauk Project, Philadelphia Experiment and Phoenix ProjectMarch 15 2003The cloudbuster and HHGs need to be in touch with the ground to be most effective. If you cannot place them on the ground, connect them to the ground with copper wire.January 26 2003Photo of a Mining Building on Mars?Yet another picture added to the "911: Advance Notice" collection January 25 2003

Reptilian Eye Glasses: This is about as "official" an announcement as we will get for some time that reptilians are here and in (at least some) control. (Why else did this get publicity?). I feel that the graphics on these glasses are extremely accurate portrayals of what a real reptilian looks like.

January 14 2003

Walmart Baby Toy says Subliminal "I Hate You"

Please Help Barbara Hartwell. Barbara is a survivor of family-line CIA mind control. Right now, she cannot even pay the rent.
December 31 2002911 Advance Notice: TV Show Previews WTC Attack 19 Months Before 911December 17 2002Indian Time SlipDecember 3 2002Ancient Energies of the Earth Hijacked About good and bad ley linesNovember 30 2002

Don't get Abducted in South America - Boy, do they have primitive technology!
Amazing Photos

Wave your Brain Good Bye Excellent article on mind control and hypnosisNovember 28 2002The Strangest Place on Earth?November 11 2002Spacers for the Cloudbuster, including plastic ones, now available from Alteronics.Towerbusters now available from http://ctbusters.comNovember 9 2002Private Clearing Sessions on a Biofeedback Meter with Stephanie Relfe Particularly Recommended for Victims of Alien Abduction, Milabs (Military Abduction), Mind Control and Satanic / Ritual AbuseOctober 27 2002

How the Illuminati Programs People Dozens of articles by Illuminati Defector, SvaliTiny Humanoid Creature found in Chile Is this a leprechaun? Now some close-minded (or paid off?) scientist is claiming this is a marsupial mouse! Yeah, right .... Marsupial Mouse 1 / Mouse 2

October 14 2002Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive ConspiracyOctober 8 2002Cities found on the Moon!September 29 2002Spiritual Warriors! Read: Unmasking the Disruptors in UFO/Conspiracy Research

September 28 2002Death Thoughts: If you are, or may be, a mind control victim or alien abductee, then you really should read thisSeptember 24 2002Dan Sherman's brilliant book "Above Black" now available free online!September 21 2002Hidden Meaning in the Euro?Sylphs: Living Beings that live in our Skies Learn about the war between the USAF and the Sylphs (Note: This article says the wingmakers are sylphs. I disagree. I understand that the wingmakers are human) September 19 2002

What is going on with the Sun? What aren't they telling us? Check out these bizarre photos of the sun.

August 25 2002Cell Tower Buster & the Lucifer Trust!August 12 2002

Reptilians Stole My BabyAugust 9 2002

We have the ability to mind control people do ANYTHING: The best written, researched and referenced article on mind control that I have ever read. (Titled "High-Tech Crimes & Electromagnetic Madness)July 18 2002

UPDATED: Pat's Story - A letter from Pat has been added to the end of the bookJune 19 2002

SCOOBY DO will mind control you!!!June 16 2002

Blue Planet Project - Alien Research:This document is the alleged result of the actions of one or more scientists creating a covert, unauthorized notebook documenting their involvement with an Above Top Secret government program. FREE 107 page illustrated e-book!

June 13 2002

The Mars Force: Pat's Story: How Pat's membership in a Military Cadet Program led to Military Abductions and the Suppressing of Psychic Abilities. FREE E-BOOK!!!

May 31 2002Another person goes to Mars: By Rayelan RussbacherMay 26 2002

Planet X (& earth changes): The videoNew Book on Planet X by Physicist James McCanneyMay 18 2002

Is Someone Killing our UFO Investigators?April 20 2002

The Mars Records Book 2!!! FREE E-BOOK! 237 pages!!!

April 11 2002WARNING ABOUT GEODESIC DOMES! The following warning about living in dome homes was received by email on April 10 2002: "An architect I know worked with Buckminster for years built domes as residences for 12 or so years before realizing the divorce rate for people living in domes is sky high. The energy of domes is toxic for everyday living conditions - plants, sound energy etc. get amplified & some aspects are OK for short term use or application, but not for day to day living. People really need to check this stuff out, particularly if they plan on living in a specific geometry. Domes with exposed struts are terrible. Noxious energy lines in all directions. Undergound and solid? Well, lets just say that all energy is amplified in a dome, and there better be some good energy without agenda or ego going into it to work for the inhabitants' highest good!! People underground? Temporary - possibly OK if short term and conscious. Generally, bad idea - especially if the global energy is being altered from the inside out. Be careful.Probably makes a great greenhouse, though - healthy plants living in happy little groups that are actually alive and not synthetics/hybrids/GMO don't have the ego agendas [re: activities based in fear] of humans".NOTE: This warning probably refers only to GEODESIC domes. I believe that ROUND domes are okay. A good source of information on ROUND domes is http://paisite.com/sunlife/ For an illustrated 21-page construction manual which walks you through the process of building your own home using ferro-cement as the primary construction material, send a $15 check to Sun Life, 71-pai Holistic Hollow, Mt. Ida AR 71957 USA.
March 19 2003Art Bell gets a Frantic Call from an ex-worker of Area 51. Listen to this incredible 5 minutes!HOT NEW BOOK: The Universal Seduction. With chapters from any different researchers. January 23 2002Congressman names chemtrails in new bill! Calls them "exotic weapons systems". Why don't you hear about this in the media? See http://www.rebfile.com/chemtrails%20latest.htmJanuary 12 2002Poisoned CD - Powerful testimonial added to the end of this storyJanuary 10 2002Volcanic Activity Increase & Changes on Other PlanetsDecember 21 2001Telepathy SeminarRadar RingsWorld Trade Center is a war between two types of masonry: by HoaglandDecember 17 2001Hoagland on the "Age of Horus" and Pole ShiftsOctober 25 2001 Egroups started within the last few weeks:Cloudbusters: For people who have or intend to have a cloudbuster to fight chemtrails and improve the environment & energy of earthOctober 18 2001The Statue that Came to Life! A True Story! Learn about the dangers of witchcraft and the Harry Potter booksOctober 15 2001How to Obtain the Different Parts to make the CloudbusterOctober 6 2001Updated: Vaccinations Harm Psychic Abilities: Check out the photo of an ant carrying a microchip!September 21 2001How to build a Cloudbuster to Disperse Chemtrails and Improve the Weather!August 27 2001Lots of Additions to Books & Tapes & WeblinksAugust 25 2001Reality Shift: I end up at the same location twiceAugust 13 2001
Poisoned CD?: Some CDS may cause serious Health Problems and Mind ControlSouth Africa, Quartz & Anger: Possible cause for the anger in South Africa? June 29 2001Vaccinations Harm Psychic AbilitiesMay 12 2001Best Books for Alien Abduction, Mind Control, Metaphysical Studies etc.November 2000Credo Mutwa Interview: African Shaman talks about Reptilians in AfricaDavid Icke Interview: Reptilian Aliens Among UsApril 2 2000The Mars Records